FEMINAR: Selling Feminism?

Do you experience anger/loss of self confidence every time you walk
past mainstream advertising and you see innumerable images of the
mythical ideal woman?

Do you wonder why you experience these feelings? Come along to this
feminar and learn about the dynamics of how mainstream advertising is so
effective at undermining your self-confidence and self-belief. Learn
how the powerful advertising industry has co-opted feminism in order to
exploit women by using feminist catch phrases such as ‘because you’re
worth it!’ Learn what women in many other countries are doing to combat
misogynistic advertising.

Learn how and why ‘choice’ is the excuse capitalism employs to maintain
the status quo and why women do not have ‘choice’ but continue to be
constrained in an ever tightening corset of patriarchal control.

Speakers: Lisa-Marie Taylor and Jennifer Drew (Independent feminist researchers and LFN members)

Date/time: Saturday 29th October, 2pm

Venue: London WC1 – Please RSVP for full venue details. The venue is completely accessible with no steps.

RSVP: Please RSVP to Ellen at ejf.correspondence@gmail.com

This is a women-only event.

Read more about feminars on this page: http://londonfeministnetwork.org.uk/lfn-events/feminars