Letter writing campaigns

This page provides information about some previous LFN letter-writing campaigns. We provide a template letter for each campaign, for use as a starting point for your own letter.

We OBJECT to plans to grant anonymity to rape defendants

At the end of May 2010 the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition announced their intention to grant anonymity to Defendants in Rape cases. Following the announcement and subsequent discussion at the LFN meeting a small group of LFN members, on behalf of LFN, wrote a letter to Coalition Members expressing opposition to the proposal. Read the letter >>

Makeovers, manicures and consumption: Girls have had ENOUGH already

In response to the deep unease felt by many LFN members, the May letter of the month is aimed at the Girlation event being held at the Natural History Museum on 17 May 2009. We provide a bit of background, template letters, and a couple of links to resources of another vision of empowerment for girls. More and sample letters >>

Sexist Jokes are not OK, Mr Gervais

An LFN member attended a humanist event just before Christmas 2008 (http://newhumanist.org.uk/1917). Ricky Gervais was one of the acts and told ‘jokes’ about an 8 year old girl being sexually abused; first by a stranger, then by her father. He also ‘joked’ about raping an elderly lady, saying that it was ok because he didn’t kill her – he just raped her.

As feminists we need to make it clear to Ricky Gervais and to all comedians that this is not OK. It condones and normalises male violence against women and children. More and sample letter >>

Hold Boris Johnson to account

Write to Boris Johnson to remind him that we will hold him to account regarding his Mayoral manifesto commitment to fund four new Rape Crisis Centres in London. Sample letter >>