Feminism in London

Feminism in London 2010 workshop Feminism in London 2010 Audience Workshop at Feminism in London 2010
Photos © Aliya Mirza, Portia Roelofs, Lucie Marasco

Feminism in London 2010 logoThe London Feminist Network organised an annual conference called Feminism in London in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2008, about 200 women and pro-feminist men came along, in 2009 there were about 600 and in 2010 about 1,200 – and we moved from Conway Hall where the first two were held to Friends Meeting House in Euston, which is a bigger venue.

Thank you so much for putting on this event, I feel like I’ve awakened from a long and passive spell in which my feminist ideals were set aside to make way for girl power and assumed equality. I am inspired and motivated to become an active feminist. Amazing.

Hearing extremely intelligent, inspiring women (like Helena Kennedy and Rahila Gupta) speak and disagree with one another – the space for difference and sometimes conflicting voices was what made today a safe and energising environment for me.

Main stage at Feminism in London 2010 Feminism in London 2010 parenting workshop Balcony at Feminism in London 2010
Photos © Maria Mursell, Lucie Marasco, Maria Mursell

For recordings of the main hall programme, speeches and more, visit the  Feminism in London website.

Feminism in London 2013 will take place on Saturday 26th October at the Institute of Education. View the programme and book tickets on the Feminism in London website!

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