How to join the LFN

The London Feminist Network (LFN) is a feminist women-only networking and campaigning organisation that is based in London, UK. If you are a woman and a feminist and you live or work in the London area and you agree with our aims and ethos, you are welcome to join.

Since 2004 we have used a Yahoo email group to keep in touch, share news and information and publish details about events, campaigns and activities. However, we have now started an online forum, which we believe that many people will find easier to use.

To join LFN, simply join the Yahoo email group. (You do not need a Yahoo! email to do this).

To join the LFN Yahoo group

  1. Go to our Yahoo group’s home page:
  2. Read the description and if you agree with the aims of the group, you can apply to join. You will need to state that you have read the description and that you agree to support the nature of the group and abide by its stated aims. Once you are a member, you will have access to all the information you need to get involved.
  3. There are instructions at the end of every message about how to unsubscribe from the group, if you decide you want to leave it. You can also login to Yahoo to request individual emails, a daily digest, or turn off email notifications.

Please note that the Yahoo group is moderated and anti-feminist behaviour is not tolerated. Similarly, discriminatory language or comments, racism, homophobia, sexism or discrimination on the grounds of religion, disability, class or caring responsibilities are not tolerated. The moderator may remove without warning anyone who does not comply with these rules.

We’re on Facebook:

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