FEMINAR: Lynne Harne

Feminar: Lynne Harne on Violent Fathering

“Lynne Harne’s feminar – and her latest book ‘Violent Fathering and the Risks to Children’ – are most timely given dominant views within the Family Law System and society in general that men who commit violence against their current/ex female partners must continue to have child contact post-separation. The book is the result of Lynne Harne’s research on violent fathers; their justifications for perpetrating violence and reasons why they instigate pro-(male)contact post-separation with the children who have witnessed their fathers inflict violence on their mothers.

This feminar is most timely given the Government’s Legal Aid Bill is currently making its way through Parliament and, if passed, will have a devastating effect on women and their children who have been subjected/witnessed intimate male terrorism. The Legal Aid Bill effectively rescinds women’s and children’s right not to be subjected to systemic intimate male terrorism and male control.”

DATE: Wednesday, 11th January 2012
TIME: 7.00pm-8.30pm.
Central London (WC1) – The venue is fully accessible (ground floor with ramp, no steps)
Refreshments will be available. Donations towards venue costs most welcome. LFN Feminars are women-only.

Please RSVP to jennifer.milligan@btinternet.com for venue details and to confirm your attendance.