Reclaim the Night 2007

On 24 November 2007, over 1500 women of all ages and backgrounds and from all parts of the country joined the Reclaim The Night march 2007 to protest about the epidemic of rape and male violence against women in this country.   We assembled in Trafalgar Square in Central London at 6pm. At about 7pm, we moved off, bringing the traffic to a stand still and marching through the streets to the University of London Union, where there was a rally with speakers, music and bands going on until late.

This is what some women who were there said:   “What a terrific empowering moving inspiring march and rally. 16 of us came from the BECTU women’s conference along with our union banner, were really pleased to be there, and thrilled with it all.”    Al Garthwaite, Leeds

“Thank you everybody for such a fantastic RTN. I could have cried so many times as I looked around at all of us as we were marching togeher, singing together and making our demands in sisterhood. It was really powerful.”

“Whenever we feel like we are alone as women trying to take on the sexism we confront daily, all we need to do is remember that group of women. When we remember that we are part of a team I think we can change anything.” Anna VH

“I would like to join everyone else in thanking the organisers of RTN – what a fantastic night it was, and all the speeches were really inspiring.”

We carried 500 placards with the slogan “End violence against women”. These were printed with money raised by LFN volunteers and stapled by more LFN volunteers. Students, union members and other formal and informal groups had made their own banners and placards with some great slogans: “Feminist and fabulous”, “City girls reclaim the night to win the day”, “Blame rapists for rape NOT women”, amongst others. We made a lot of noise as we marched through the streets shouting, chanting and singing. Women were leaning out of their windows banging saucepans together in support.

Here are some of our chants: The women UNITED Will never be DEFEATED   2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Stop the violence, stop the rape 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 The rape conviction rate is a crime Women are … NOT FOR SALE

Speakers at the rally included: Julie Bindel, The Guardian journalist, Jane Gregory, Bradford Rape Crisis, Diana Nammi, Director Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation, Rukayyah Collector, NUS Black Students Officer, Kat Stark, NUS Womens Officer, Finn Mackay, Chair and Founder London Feminist Network.  LFN would like to thank the lovely men from the London Pro-Feminist Men’s Group who set up the rally venue when we were marching, and then welcomed us when we arrived. They also ran everything at the rally, sorting out stalls and staging, sound checks, helping musicians, etc

Supporters include:

Reclaim The Night 2007 was called by the London Feminist Network. Visit our Reclaim The Night Website at: